About Us

It is some 32 years since my first quoted landscape project for Jack and Marg. Nankervis in Nth Balwyn, quickly followed by my Dads back yard and my Aunt Jeans front garden. Naive and enthusiastic I strategically placed boulders, dug out trees by hand and planted plants I knew little about. When I finished his garden Jack said that one day I would employ many men and have trucks and machinery. Well, I have employed many men over the years, though none more qualified or experienced than my present crew . I have also enjoyed training many young men in the landscaping trade who have become fine operators. Both of my sons are now employed in the industry. As for the trucks and machinery, I have terrific machinery operators upon whom I rely and whose skills I admire.

I was always best suited to the outdoor life and I thank God that my mother suggested I might be happier if I pursue landscaping as my profession rather than the stodgy legal world for which I was studying at the time. Designing and building useful, functional and at times beautiful outdoor spaces and gardens is now a source of immense pleasure for both myself and those I employ. We have a strong sense of ownership of our work and take great pleasure in visiting old clients and inspecting or sometimes refashioning or refreshing the gardens that we built for them .

It is important to me and my crew that our landscapes "work" and succeed. As such, we take a great deal of care to ensure the design is appropriate and practicable, and that we use sound construction techniques with attention to detail. A client recently commented to me, after she considerably extended the size of the project we were contracted to build, that she loved the care we showed for the design and selection of materials, and that in her mind , it really seemed to ‘matter’ to us. While we are not alone in having that attitude, comments such these are a most gratifying reward for our efforts. As were the sandwiches and cakes she plied us with!

You may find us creating a townhouse courtyard, on a cliff top property in Mornington or Mt Martha, reinventing heritage gardens in Hampton or Oakleigh, rebuilding a 100 year old rock wall in Flinders, building large scale gardens on scenic properties on the Mornington Peninsula or in South Gippsland, or perhaps just rebuilding another tired old sleeper wall in Mt Eliza. Our work is as diverse as our clients and provides us with constant challenges in both design and construction. Creating well designed outdoor spaces gives our clients much happiness and we feel fortunate to work as landscape contractors.

Graeme Alcorn